How To Use A Gun Safe

Nowadays, gun is becoming more and more popular and it using is playing a very important in some certain fields of our life. However, not many people know exactly how to use gun safely. In this article, we will mention the entire best gun safe, which can contribute to help you be completely satisfied when using gun.

Some Safe Regulation For Using Electric Gun

Mounted Gun Bullets.

When mounting gun bullets, the gun works as electric sticks. When powering on and pulling the trigger, power will net between the two electrodes at the top of the gun. What fire on the object head, pulled the trigger, the object will be electrocuted.


Vertical arrows firm pressure to the gun mount. (For effortless, using the index finger and thumb squeeze round buttons on the sides rounds)


Using thumb and forefinger squeeze the round button on either side of the bullet, the bullet used to pulling force in the opposite direction to the fitting to remain unloaded ammunition.

Mounting Gun Bullets

When the gun was mounted bullets, turn the power switch and pull the trigger, the gun will discharge into rounds, breaking scuba CO2 bullets, create warheads reporter thrust forward. For electric bullet, the shot zooms out two sharp needles.

Kim is connected to the gun by wires pieces. When needles are pinned to the person shooting the object, pull the trigger will be fired from guns electric wires according to the person object. Subjects will be electrocuted down. Depending on the discharge time that objects can fall, syncope, …

Note: Due to the limited length of the power cord, power range ammo effective only within 3m.

How To Use Firearms Roller Ysr007 Safely

Holding the gun with his right hand, facing the open button clip upwards (as shown above), use your thumb to push the magazine release button to the left

Left hand to push up from the bottom chamber to open the chamber

Load each containing bullets into the hole on the chamber. A maximum of 5 members

Push the chamber back in place

Safe Mode:

Always keep the gun in safe mode

Brushed safety latch downward to turn safety mode: the trigger locked, do not shoot.

Clean preservation:

Open chamber (see reload) took all the bullets out of the gun

Lubricate the hinge joints, drive shaft bullets. Rods wrapped in a soft cloth, wipe the oil soaked cleaning gun barrel and bullet holes contain.

How To Use Firearms Rg88 Safely

– Enable secure mode (key switch safety positions red dots)

– Click the button to get the bullet out of the gun tape

– Load bullets into each tape, up to 7 members, only use 10mm ammunition

– Put the gun tape


– Enable secure mode (key switch safety positions red dots)

– Click the button to get the bullet out of the gun tape

– Pull the slide back to eject the bullet in the barrel of a gun

Remove the gun (to clean)

– Remove the shell (see unloaded)

– Hold the gun butt with one hand

– Use your index finger holding the gun pulled the trigger guards down and remain so

– Use the thumb and forefinger of the other hand to hold the bottom of the slide, pull all the way down to the rear, and lift up a corner.

– As mentioned slider up, pull your hands loose, sliding the slide pushed forward under the gun, pulled the slide out.

– Use a brush, cloth, and the oil tree barrelled gun to clean investigation

Insert gun

– Hold the gun butt with one hand

– Use the thumb holding the hammer pulled the gun back (cocked)

– Use your index finger holding the gun pulled the trigger guards down

– Hands rest on the gun pierced slide; pull off to the rear, and then drop down to the slide sleeve slide forward into its original position.

– Drop the index finger on the trigger guards returned the original position

– Insert the ammunition.

Hope that based on this information, all of you especially those people who are interested on using gun can gain the useful knowledge for ensuring the safety.

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How To Use The Rifle Scope Of The Hunting Gun Efficiently

Hunting is considered as one of the typical activates of people for a long time. Based on the demand of the hunter, there are a numerous of hunting guns sold on the market nowadays. In this section, we will cover the whole information about the rifle scope which is used for supporting the hunting process.

It is said that depend each type of gun, we will have the different types of rifle scope.

How To Install The Rifle Scope Into The Hunting Gun

Insert a tight watch on the tube air gun tightly in order to make the adjustment between the viewfinders. There is left-to-right direction of the arrow up and down, so that the center of the sight base coincides with bullet holes created on the beer.

When the user complete adjustment, the only thing you use is try to use your pen to mark CD into the defined line. The best distance to set on the rifle scope is in the range of 15 m however, you can totally change this view based on your need.

Followed by second member shot and then shoot and edit next to never fire on the center get noticed glass of heart-moving ships are pretty hard to screw small tune multiple loops. For the air guns, should you not fit sight for a short distance below 30m?

Review The Viewfinder 3-9×40 AOE Milder Sniper Pro Rifle Scope

+ Name of product: Viewfinder Pro Sniper 3-9×40 AOE Milder

+ Place of Origin: China

+ Color: Black

+ Components: aluminum housings, optical eyes; Zoom 3X – 9X. There parallax adjustment (Parallax). Sniper 1inch pipe diameter, size 3 Mil-dot RGB -9X40mm AO lockable center.

AO Mil-Dot 3-9x40mm Sniper RGB is designed especially for dog’s hunter or some kind of animals such as deer and birds in the distance from average to far; it is said that this is a great product with a lot of outstanding features.

Full accessories at affordable prices easily set up and use. It is also considered as the  great application for static target shooting – shooting targets at a distance less suitable for various types of high Air gun recoil.

In this product line, the most important feature is the ability to lock the glass to prevent heart jerk jump; high precision adjustable screw 1/4 MOA adjustment for each elongation; deviation calculated for the wind / height adjustment by elongation of the glass center or by adjusting knob built outside. Coated optical lens turquoise color LDE achieves maximum transmission of light through the lens, giving you a sharp vision and a clear goal in all weather conditions.

SNIPER 3-9X40 is designed with 1-inch diameter pipe. The centre part is designed with the Mil Dot Reticule version which is so optimal and efficient ballistic when calculating whether you use guns ballistic rapid changes in the distance; with Parallax adjustment from 5 meters to infinity.

The hunter should be ready and confident to go hunting with this riflescope in any weather conditions or the most difficult situations; because it is completely sealed and nitrogen filled, shockproof, fog proof and rainproof.

The Digital Information About The Device

+ Large image magnification: 3X – 9X

+ Eye diameter: 40 mm

+ Trunk diameter: 1 inch = 25.4 mm

+ Type of the centre device: Mil Dot reticule

+ Minimum Visibility – Maximum: 10 – 600m

+ Field of View 100 yards: 3X = 39 ‘- 9X = 13

+ The distance from the eye to the glass: 3.3 ‘- 3.1’

+ Battery: CR2032 – 3V

+ Parallax (adjustable parallax): From 9,4m – infinity

+ Size (length – width – high): D 342 mm –

+ Weight: 20.2 oz = 570 gr

+ Warranty: According to manufacturers

The Advantage Of The Rifle Scope

+ Built on the foundation of true strength, completely sealed and filled with inert gas nitrogen pump, shockproof, and waterproof rain Fog proof.

+ Features Zero deadlock points which are most accurate and consistent 1/4 MOA per Click deviation for the wind / altitude adjustment

+ Design Center Mil Dot reticule (Chiai elongation) is effective as well as intelligent long-range shot.

+ Anti shock jump shot or collision of mind with both the gun line has high recoil 631-634 to the larger caliber of NATO foreign 7mmRem 5:56; 7.62mm * 39mm.

+ Design outer rocker can simply get the adjustment with the effective range.

+ Lenses coated lens to achieve maximum light transmission for the clearest turquoise color.

+ Performance optimization is used by Parallax from 5m – to infinity

+ Design the best fit for shooting (shooting sports beer) – Hunting (Bird – Animal).

What Are The Best Type Of Rifle Scope On The Market?

On the market nowadays, there are numerous types of rifle scope which is sold in order to assist for the hunter to get the high productivity for each hunting trip. In this article, the author will cover the whole distinctive know- how which is also the types of rifle scope  in order to support the consumer to choose the best type of product.

The Asser Rifle Scope From America

Laser for the accessory adjustment is the viewfinder that you can easily identify the location for the center of the viewfinder path of the bullet about to be shot out of the barrel. With this laser viewfinder adjustment, you absolutely can save time and save a bullet for many different shots.

YH correction laser viewfinder is manufactured completely from aluminum alloy materials for lightweight which is around 85g. This machine is consistent with the barrel of a gun whose range as well as its size is from 0.2 to 0:50.

The device is designed with the compact size as well as integrated with 5 adapters which allow mounting in 5 different barrel sizes. The main feature of laser correction YH viewfinder USA:

– Light weight only 85g

– Size is short with the length which is about 14.5cm

– There is a small head mounted directly on the barrel adapter

– Use high-power red laser <1mW

– Use 3 AG10 batteries

– Integrating a battery adapter insert threads

– Integrating a turbine screws to attach the adapter to ignore the small end of the laser

The Good Tricks For Shooting The Animals Efficiently

It is said that the hunter must control the rifle scope when they are going to shoot, because when hunting targets are within the estimated distance which is not like shooting guns should root beer to try very hard.

When you shoot the bat, if you see the direction of the gun is ok, there will be no problem with other parts. I’m sure your viewfinder is not ready. I have a way to do it manually as follows:

First, it is essential for you to measure the height of the top of the head and rear sights. If it is not balanced, should you adjust for the size difference; the sight of the lowest level will be measured from the top of the barrel body size measurements from relatives watching then barreled on top flies. If the flies are low then add to it more than the higher soldering watching a little size.

Second, it is better for you to shoot the animal in a certain distance (about 10m) to see how ballistic the rifle scope is. Eat less, grinding head flies off, and then continue to eat up higher crosshairs. If the hunters can be able to shoot in this distance, the matter is ok.

Canon 8×40 Military Rifle Scope

It is said that the porro has the wide-angle lens, 8 times magnification, 40mm objective lens diameter, lens for bright images clearer BK4, a great choice when traveling, hunting, professional work: hydropower, building true,…

Digital Information

– Manufacturer: Canon.

– The  magnification is about 8x.

– Diameter: 40mm objective lens.

+ System Porro Lens.

+ Material BK4 lens.

+ FOV: 143 at 1000m.

+ TASCO cheapest viewfinder 4×20

+ Code: ONGR4x20

+ Price per Unit (piece): 25$

+ Warranty: No Warranty

Product Description

It can be said that this type of machine is very compact, and it is designed with the light. Currently, the machine is sold on the market with the affordable price.

Specifications of the viewfinder for air guns, compact, lightweight 4×20 TASCO

– Made of plastic material with super light weight Durable

– Magnification: 4

– Objective diameter: 20mm

– Comes with two protective cover for the lens

– Foot mounted with guns

– Type about: Plus black

– Dimensions: 0.98 in x 10:55 in x 0.98 in

– Weight: 4.87 oz

– Note: Product images are attached laser lights just for illustration, the actual laser lights attached to buy off.

Hope that after reading this article, consumer will have more knowledge to choose the best product for themselves as well as can deploy the machine for the right purpose in a long time.

Top Of The Secret For Buying The Rifle Scope?

In order to help you user can choose the high qualified rifle scope, this article will deeply analyze some types of typical n the market now. Hope that based on this information, all hunters can be able to choose the best one for them.

Binoculars have a lot of different sizes (based on the size of the lens). Here are classified the basic size

Large Size (Average: 8 X 42, 10 X 50)

This type can bring the following advantages

+ Getting a better light in the environment less bright

+ Fixed images and wider viewing angles

+ Popular for field trips or boating

+ Too big, quite heavy for carrying in backpack

Mid Size (7 x 35, 10 x 32)

+ Balance between size and quality of light transmission

+ A popular choice for outdoor sports activities

+ Slightly heavier backpack when substances.

+ Compact binoculars (8 x 25, 10 x 25)

This one is produced based on the light weight, which is suitable for carrying. In addition, it can be able to work well during the day. It can be said that this is the smallest and lightest in the selection. Its pipes are designed only for short-term use.

Here Are Some Feature In Terms Of Magnification Of The Machine

The Magnification

It is said that this criteria is often written by two numbers. The first one is its capacity to enlarge the imagines and the second is the diameter of the scope. For instance, if you see the magnification 8* 35, this means that the outside scope has the diameter in the range of 35 mm.

This number shows the possibility to catch the light of the machine. As long as two rifle scopes have the same magnification but the different criteria about the scope, the bigger one will be capable of being seen clearly in the dark.


This factor contributes to show the distance in which your eyes can see anything. Actually, if the rifle has the high magnification, its vision will be quite low.

SKU: Pluggable binoculars Category

Adapter Hinged is the equipment which is used to help (usually Tripods) against vibration. It can be said that Adapter rust and very high aesthetic for your product. Alloy screw adapter sure to screw into the shaft using binoculars handy, easy to install by hand or not.

Adapter is designed screw-skid braking smart latch which is attached to the anti-slip binoculars or misplaced in process used (extremely intelligent features convenient), for both L Adapter leg-slip rubber coated ultra certainly at the tail screw binoculars.

The tool helps users to comfortably observe negligent flicker, the image is very clear observations, adapter suitable for many types of full-size binoculars with high magnification (8x or higher), hand-shaped fatigue fears shaky or blurry when viewed completely suppressed when you use the Adapter

Here are the benefits that the machine will bring your adapter when using

+ No longer concerned with the tired hand Adapter sized binoculars will help you

+ Tell him you sharp images and most vivid

+ Capture stunning images with binoculars

+ The product is suitable for children observe discovery

+ Adapter helps you observed in the long run

Based on these types of rifle scope, we really hope that the consumer can be able to choose the best one in order to assist them during the process of hunting. If hunters want to take a consideration on the new product, do not forget to search the further information on this website.

Top Of The Rifle Scope On The Market

Among those types of parts on the rifle scope, it is said that the rifle scope is considered as one of the most important part due to the fact that it assist the hunters in terms of seeking the bat as well as see clearly the distance between them and the animal.

Korus PRO-M30 Eccentric 6.5-25×44 Rifle Scope For The Hunting Gun

With the function of knob locking, viewfinder center PRO-M30 6.5-25×44 Korus can  completely be able to put up with the vibration shock when the shot even for big guns. It is said that its body is made of alloy tubes which is really durable anti-shock.

The glass coating is responsible for anti-reflective and anti-ultra-high resolution undistorted image viewfinder. This is used in all kinds of wonderful environment for waterproof and translucent glasses.

Description Of The Product

It can be said that the type of M-30 is equipped with all the advanced features and it is also improved with a number of new features which are appreciated invented by optical carrier Italy Korus eminent. With experience in producing optical equipment for years and collect feedback and needs of our customers gives you a combination of the best features on a new viewfinder.

Another job fixing lock knob enables us mind completely can be assured that the center of the viewfinder cannot be offset, in combination with blue lights, carved on the focal plane.

Its lamp knob is designed to shift into 1 side sound for the adjustment, all the remarkable improvement in the result in which no one type of rifle scopes on the market can match.

The waterproof metal casing is filled with nitrogen gas inside. The device is also supplied with flip-up lid. Its lock is securely fixed with the viewfinder center.

+ The diameter of the pipe is in the range of 30mm (The belt)

+ 45 ° deflection knob lights

+ Focus in different firing intervals by a centrally located knob makes adjustment easier (Panel Definition for tubing AOE)

+ Field of view at 100m: at 6,5x 5.3m – 1.4m at 25 xs

+ Weight: 820g

+ Length: 415mm

+ Eye relief: 101.6 x 4.5 mm – 88.9 mm at 16 x

+ Lens diameter: 6.5 x 6.8 mm – 1.8 mm at 25 x

The PRO – M30 6.5-25 X 44 Rifle Scope

It is believed that this type of rifle can be able to operate with the waterproof. The machine owns the great magnification, which is in the range from 3 to 12 x. This one is produced in Italy exclusively for the Italian army.

Description For The Product

The optical viewfinder is considered to be most professional gun which is really ideal for hunting and target shooting with the highest precision in all weather conditions. With powerful zoom magnification, etched glass reticule and lights, optical coating multicoated and waterproof.

Konus PRO-M30 6.5-25×44 Rifle Scope

Being designed with the advanced technology, this machine can completely resist the vibration shock when even for big guns. Its body is made of alloy tubes with the highly durable capacity for anti-shock. The glass coating for anti-reflective and anti-ultra-high resolution undistorted image viewfinder. This device is used in all kinds of wonderful environment for waterproof and translucent glasses.

Hope that based on this useful information, all of the hunters will be able to select the suitable machine in order to supporting for their hunting trip with the high efficiency. If you want to update the new information related to the product including the price, quality, do not hesitate to log our blog.

How To Choose The Best Rifle Scope For The Hunting Gun?

For any hunters, owing the gun which is provided with the great rifle scope is considered as one of the best dream. Why the rifle is so important to the efficiency of the hunting trip and how many typical types of rifle scope on the market now. The answer for these questions will be raised in this section.

The 4×28 TASCO Rifle Scope

It is said that this is cheap viewfinder which is really appropriate used for these types of soft air guns, shooting close range.

Specifications Of 4×28 TASCO Rifle Scope

+ The zoom level: 4x

+ The Pipe diameter: 28mm

+ Shell material: Plastic

+ The additional accessories: Foot mounting and lens cap gun

TASCO 2-6X32AOE Rifle Scope

It can be said that this is a new product line with a compact design that is extremely uncertain. The nozzle body is made of durable aluminum alloy which can be able to be resistant to shock and good abrasion resistance, the lens in the taking fast-definition, wide viewing angle can be observed covering, manufactured according to military standards limiting heart jump.

The machine is suitable for fitting for the gun:

  • Modern air guns 631.634
  • Sporting guns.

The type of viewfinder Pro line Konus-30 always provides the highest accuracy for hunters who always work in the forest environment. Being designed with the anti vibration locking center, the device is considered as the great eccentric support for hunters.

Its design can be completely waterproof and anti-shock vibration. With the 1.5-6x magnification, this device can adjust near and far, and the lens is extended to 44mm and a moderate price reasonable, the PRO-M30 Korus viewfinder 1.5-6×44 is the most logical choice.

The Konus Pro M30 1-4×24 Rifle Scope

Although this type is not famous as well as can be able to operate well as the previous types, it is still favored  a lot on the market.

+ Zoom from: 1-4x

+ Lens: 24mm

+ The machine is designed with the compact size, as well as the light weight.

+ Fully waterproof

+ Laser marking support center when shooting night.

The PRO ZOOM 2-8×28 Rifle Scope

It can be said that the magnification of this device is in the range of 2-5 x. The size of the glass pipe is about 28 mm. This is the machine which is very suitable for most kinds of powerful guns high recoil. Viewfinder is produced in Italy with European standards.

Hope that based on this source of information, all of you guys will be able to choose the best types of rifle scope for supporting you hunting gun in order to well operate.

It is said that in addition to this type of rifle scope, there will be a numerous types on the market nowadays and if you want to catch as well as update more information this types, do not forget to contact us for getting the right consultancy.